Funded PhD student position and postdoctoral position

The advertised positions are not available any more.

Humanoid and Cognitive Robotics Lab is looking for two new researchers, one at a PhD student level and one at the Postdoc level. The PhD student position is fully funded by the Slovenian Research Agency within the “Young Researchers” programme. The successful candidate for a postdoctoral position will work in FP7 "Cognitive Systems and Robotics" projects. The possible research themes include:

- imitation learning and reinforcement learning in robotics
- active vision and visual learning on humanoid robots
- physical robot-robot and robot-human interaction

Precise research programmes will be defined based on interests and abilities of the successful candidates. Your research will be conducted in close collaboration with dr. Ales Ude and in collaboration with several leading European robotics and cognitive systems research groups who work with JSI on EU FP7 projects. Please contact dr. Ales Ude ( for further information regarding these positions.